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Reckoning: A Glimpse Into Life with Bipolar Disorder

By Stephanie Marie

Ever wonder what it’s like to live with bipolar disorder type 2? Maybe you love someone with bipolar disorder and you’re looking for shared experiences. OR, maybe you yourself have bipolar disorder and you want some insight into your own life through another lens.

Whatever it may be, the ebook Reckoning: A Glimpse Into Life with Bipolar Disorder just might be what you’re looking for. With short chapters focused on coming to terms with a diagnosis, the struggles of taking medication, and managing moods with addictive tendencies, Reckoning is an eye-opening, quick exploration of Stephanie Marie’s experience with bipolar disorder 2.

*Stephanie Marie’s story only reflects her own experiences and is in no way representative of anyone else’s. She does not claim to offer advice and is not a medical professional.*

Authored by Stephanie Marie, host of ‘Cutting Through Chaos’ podcast available on iTunes and 

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