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The Allure of Hypomania

A myriad of people with bipolar disorder have done incredibly inventive, remarkable things during mania or hypomania. I believe the allure of this creativity is one of the many reasons it’s so hard for many of us to consistently take meds. Because when symptoms are effectively managed we just don’t reach the same heights of…


Trust. For most, trusting oneself seems pretty straightforward. You know your thoughts are valid and you feel safe to trust your gut instinct/inner voice.  But what about when you have bipolar disorder and your moods have lead you to poor decision making in the past? What about when your instincts seemed so clear in the…


Shortly after having my second son I was diagnosed with rapid cycling bipolar disorder II, and so many pieces of my puzzle fell into place. Events and moods from the past decade (from my early 20s until my diagnosis at 34) finally felt explained. The bipolar term hypomania filled a gap of understanding in my…

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