An interview with Stephanie Marie’s husband, exploring what it’s like to love someone who happens to have bipolar disorder 2. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

Recovery Coach Joy Dorsey sits down with Stephanie Marie to discuss the link between bipolar disorder 2 and addiction. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

Dean @nu_element_conditioning comes on to talk men’s mental health, his bipolar journey, where stigma stems from, owning his emotions, and so much more. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

“Each person’s story is theirs alone to tell, if they wish to do so.


My hope is through sharing pieces of our experiences we can help others with bipolar disorder, and those who love us.”

Stephanie Marie
Cutting Through Chaos Podcast

Bipolar disorder is a medical condition that causes a person to cycle through periods of depression and elevated mood.

Bipolar disorder typically consists of three states:

  • a high state, called mania
  • a low state, called depression
  • a well state, during which many people feel normal and function well.

All people experience emotional ups and downs, but the mood swings for people with bipolar disorder are often more extreme.



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